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Make your Marketing play the right tune for your business

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Marketing is an element of business that clearly reflects the Zebroid Marketing ‘Black and White’ philosophy. It’s all too true that most people in business think they know what Marketing is and what it can do, when in fact some people have little understanding of the core functionality of Marketing.

Or is it just that a full-time resource is not available to deliver it?

Or you don’t have time to manage a junior marketing person who needs more support and guidance than an experienced professional marketing expert?


Marketing Direction

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Most people think that Marketing is all about websites, PR, advertising, brochures, direct mail, social media etc. – the ‘visible’ elements of the mix.  At Zebroid Marketing we believe that Marketing is all about understanding what a company is trying to achieve, what products and/or services they offer; and crucially who the end customer is that they are trying to target. And more importantly, what needs to be done to achieve continued and increasing profit for the company.  The “visible” materials are simply the tools used to achieve these objectives.

This demonstrates that Marketing really is a ‘black and white’ science – you either do it well or you don’t do it at all, since poor marketing will damage the public image and prospects of your business.




Getting under the skin of our clients

Therefore, what Zebroid Marketing aims to achieve for its’ customers is to “get under the skin” of the client. In that way Zebroid Marketing can essentially become part of the client business to ascertain exactly what tools will be appropriate to drive the business forward in the given market.

Measurement is also a key philosophy at Zebroid Marketing.  We always aim to measure what we do to demonstrate success.  If you cannot measure what is done, then how can you know it works? We expect to report to you on all our activities to demonstrate our success.

From managing agencies to achieve advertising, PR and website objectives to writing briefs, providing internal communications, organising distribution of material, managing budgets to measurement and recommendations for the future; Zebroid Marketing can deliver results for your business.

“Marketing takes a day to learn but a takes a lifetime to master”

Philip Kotler

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