Why Engage a Marketing Consultant

Why engage a Marketing Consultant?

The question of why engage a marketing consultant is one that I am often asked; and there are many answers. It might be that your business has never really ventured into Marketing, or that the function exists in some way but is not paying dividends as it should – or indeed anything in between those two scenarios.

Over the years I have found that most businesses are fully aware that Marketing can make a substantial difference to their presence in their respective markets; but even when recognising that fact those same companies often struggle with implementing a properly planned and well managed Marketing strategy. Far too many businesses ‘dabble’ with the Marketing function rather than taking the time to align the activity with the over – arching company vision, strategy and business plan. In those cases, Marketing is usually seen purely as a ‘cost’ and it becomes the first thing to be cut when times are difficult. This is generally because the full function is not truly understood and is viewed as one that simply provides the ‘easy’ items from the mix such as brochures and media content. This is not Marketing – those things are merely small elements of the total mix required for success.

Karen Howell

Marketing consultancy is often a wise answer to overcoming the above scenario. It brings high level expertise into your business alongside a ‘helicopter view’ that facilitates fresh discussion and brings about a different viewpoint of the day-to-day activity. A consultant that sits outside the client company sees things in a completely different way from those that are immersed in the daily issues; and can therefore spot problems that are likely to affect business performance well in advance of them occurring.

Another key advantage of a consultant is the level of expertise available at relatively low cost in real terms. Consultancy provides the knowledge, ability and drive to get things moving – to enable the development of strategically aligned plans and then follow through with the implementation of them – at a cost that is actually lower than that of a full time resource; especially at the outset. An experienced senior consultant will achieve more in two days per week than a mid-level manager will when employed full time. In part this is because of the broader knowledge and experience the consultant brings to the table; but it is also because consultants are perceived completely differently from full-time staff. Consultants are viewed as being there precisely because they can and will deliver against an agreed brief; and the whole business understands and expects that to be the case and so pays attention to the task at hand.

It is relatively simple to summarise the advantages of consultancy into a list. Broadly, what you get is:

  • High level expertise
  • Broader commercial experience
  • True understanding of business requirements
  • Clarity of vision
  • Considered and well-balanced advice
  • Clearly defined plans
  • Faster implementation
  • Stronger management
  • Fuller functionality
  • Clear measurement
  • Stronger and more consistent sales growth
  • Structured handover.

Engaging a marketing consultant provides a clear path to defining, planning, implementing and managing a truly strategic Marketing programme that comprises all necessary elements of the mix and then strategically leads your business forward, supports it in the day-to-day activity and correctly places it in your chosen segments; consistently building your commercial profile and increasing the presence in the market place.

Given the relatively low cost and the clearly measurable returns, why would you not engage a consultant? At the very least, you gain an outside perspective of your business that will always be valuable; and at best you lift your commercial presence, increase your profile, build a stronger account base with sustainable sales growth and achieve a healthier bottom line – and your activity will be strategically aligned to clear business goals. All in all, what is there to lose in that scenario?

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